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A recent student

"The biggest benefit of this club for me had to be the stillness it offered me after a week of chaos. It helped me sort out my thoughts and choose the present rather than the uncertainty of the future or regrets of the past. I really enjoyed the topic of toxic positivity because I feel like a lot of people trick themselves into thinking it’s a good thing when it’s really not and I’m glad that more light was shed on the situation. I would definitely recommend mindfulness because it offers a piece of life that I think is really needed and helpful in life especially school life with the many uncertainties."

Paid internships

Since 2020, we have been offering paid internships. Each school year, we seek to partner with interns committed to helping us strengthen and grow our program in three main areas:

1. Mindfulness Club Management

2. Effectiveness of Mindfulness Clubs

3. Awareness of Mindfulness Clubs

Eligibility, Hours, Pay & Dates

 • Applicants for a paid internship with the High School Mindfulness Clubs program should be members of an existing club at a high school in Palm Beach County. Potential exceptions:

 • A special exception might be made for a student applying to start a new club at a high school in Palm Beach County.

 •A special exception might be made for a student who leads another club that wants to integrate mindfulness activities on a regular basis.

 • Applicants should be between the ages of 14 and 18 at the beginning of the internship. If under 18, they should have parent permission to work.

 • We expect interns to work 4-6 hours per week on average.

 • Schedule is flexible, but attendance at weekly internship meetings is required (team meeting time to be set by consensus).

 • Internships pay $15 per hour, with a maximum of 24 paid hours per month ($360).

 • Internships run from October through May.

 • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

To be considered for an internship, please complete the fields in this Internship Application.

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About High School Mindfulness Clubs

The High School Mindfulness Clubs program is a collaboration of Soil & Soul and The Way Mindfulness Education. The program has been made possible by the generous contributions of Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, United Way of Palm Beach County, Bermil Foundation, and individual supporters.

About Soil & Soul

Founded in 2007 in Delray Beach, Florida, Soil & Soul has incubated over a dozen programs, events, and projects serving people from underrepresented groups in collaboration with the people it serves. Since 2017, Soil & Soul has concentrated its energy into two focus areas: mindfulness and eco-healing. Learn more at http://soilandsoul.org/.

About The Way Mindfulness Education

The Way Mindfulness Education brings mindfulness training to students, business people, nonprofit professionals, mental health professionals, retirees, and other people seeking to transform suffering through the art and science of awareness.



Mindfulness has really helped me a lot this year. Especially when it came time for any exams that I had. It also helped me relax after the stress of test. I learned so many things in mindfulness, for example like setting boundaries or what relationships are supposed to be like. This club has help me see my calmer
side in life.


A topic that I found most interesting was the one about gratitude and setting boundaries because sometimes I find myself not being grateful for the little things that I have and sometimes people would take advantage of me because I don’t say no.


I can totally say mindfulness has been a great experience. Something different than what I’m used to it’s given me tips for relaxation and allowed me to be more aware of my actions and my mental health. To think at the beginning of this club I couldn’t stop laughing but now this is something I take serious and I will continue throughout college and in in life. Favorite topic was boundaries and mental health.

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