The depth of knowledge you provided in such a short teaching period is astonishing. Thank you.
— Craig, Nonprofit Professional

More from Craig:

Pablo del Real served as my spiritual mentor and teacher and it is without hesitation I can say that he changed my life and healed much of my spiritual outlook. His extensive knowledge of holy texts and spiritual practices, his experience, and his unique teaching ability all contributed to my spiritual growth in countless ways. I would gladly recommend him as a teacher, mentor, or trainer in any setting and with any audience.

Thank you for your kindness and wisdom.
— Faye, Teacher

More from Faye:

Mindfulness mentoring with Pablo re-directed my life into the light and into a positive space where I could be comfortable to grow in my questions. When I was uncomfortable in darkness, unable to feel calm or joy, mentoring and meditation allowed me to release the stranglehold of the mind and see how to be free of anxiety and self-sabotaging thoughts. Meditation has given me freedom from stresses that were preventing me from living and working.